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Our Services

Game/App Development

We develop Games or Apps according to your wishes for devices such as PC/Steam, iOS/Mac, Web or Nintendo Switch.

Game Porting

We port your games for Web, iOS, PC/Steam or Nintendo Switch.

Game Trailer

The right game trailer increases the chances of higher game downloads. We create trailers for your games!

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Development Support

We support your Unity3D projects with assets and co-programming.


We have experience with multiplayer games and support you with the integration of Photon Engine.


Indie game marketing can be tricky. We publish your games in digital eShops and take care of the marketing. Contact us!

About Us

  • About Us

ogsoftgames was founded to develop and publish professional games.

We develop and produce games of all genres that appeal to all types of gamers, no matter where they come from. We also work with major developers and vendors to create an experience with worldwide appeal.

Our years of experience make us very strong and absolutely competitive.

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Recent Games

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Ultimate Bumper Cars


PC | Nintendo Switch | iOS

Ultimate Bumper Cars is a realistic Bumper Car Simulator with multiplayer support and realistic physics. Grab all your friends and family for fantastic fun on our classic Dodgems simulator game.

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PC | Nintendo Switch

Glide with breakneck speed along futuristic courses and overcome all obstacles that stand in your way! Dominate the racetrack in single or two-player mode.

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